Welcome friends! Far too many cyclists have been killed or severely injured due to the negligence of motor vehicle drivers.  The accidents that are caused are devastating to the victims and their families leaving them to pick up the pieces.  In most cases motorist are not even issued a citation for the accidents because either the police neglected to enforce the law or they claim to be waiting for the outcome of the investigation before charges are filed.  I did extensive research on car-bicycle accidents and the most common violations are drivers have no insurance or drivers license.  How does this make sense?  How is that justice?  To date most states do not have any laws that protect cyclists.  Only 14 states have adopted the 3 foot law. 

The 3 foot law is suppose to give a cyclist 3 feet between the motor vehicle and a bicycle.  A motor vehicle is allowed to cross into the other lane of traffice to move safely around the cyclist.  As we know most drivers do not care.  Some drivers throw objects at us, swerve into us, yell profanities and they do not realize how fast we are traveling. Please join me in the fight to help protect cyclists and make our streets a safer place to ride.

Our long term goal is to have equal justice nation wide for senseless  traffic accidents that are in most cases preventable. The punishments handed out to drivers who cause death, serious bodily injury or hit and run's are stunningly lax. In most cases the drivers recieve a slap on the wrist.  CARD mission is to make our streets a safer place to ride and bring public awareness to reckless driving.
Is texting worth it?  Even though this is just one scenario (car vs car), she could have hit a pedestrian or bicyclist.